Transportation Planning Board


Metro Transit Service Updates
Effective Sun, Aug 26, 2018

The following approved service changes will go into effect Sunday, August 26. For more information visit the Metro Transit website.

Route 8
Service shifted to Campus Dr. from University Ave., and new schedule.

Route 10
Reverse direction of service at University Row.

Route 52
Directional change and realignment of service from Kapec Rd. to Anton/Fitchrona Rd.

Route 58
Service shifted to Watts and Rayovac Rd., and new schedule.

Route 59
Directional change and realignment of service from Kapec Rd. to Anton/Fitchrona Rd.


New Bike Route Mapping Tool

The Low Stress Bicycle Route Finder, a new bicycle route mapping tool developed by the Madison Area Transportation Planning Board (MATPB), is now available on the MATPB Website.  Go to MAPS & GIS > On-line Mapping, and click on Low-Stress Bike Route Finder.  The tool assists bicyclists in identifying comfortable riding routes in urban cities and villages in Dane County.  Routes considered low stress are generally comfortable for people concerned about riding in close proximity to heavy and/or high-speed traffic.  The rating system used to determine the stress level of streets for bicyclists takes into account traffic speeds and volumes, number of travel lanes, bicycle or bicycle/parking lane dimensions, and intersection configuration.  Multi-use paths receive the lowest stress level (LTS 1). 

The routing application provides recommended bicycling route directions between an origin and destination using three different routing settings: 

(1) use of exclusively low-stress routes (LTS 1 or 2);

(2) use of low- and moderate-stress routes (LTS 1-3), but with low-stress preferred; or

(3) use of any legal bicycling route (LTS 1-4), but with low- and moderate-stress routes preferred.

The Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress rating system is designed for use on urban streets.  Many rural roads are rated as highest stress (4) due to 45+ mph speed limits even though traffic volumes are very low.  For information on the relative suitability of rural roadways for adult bicyclists, please see the Dane County Bicycle Map.


For More Information, contact Renee Callaway, Transportation Planner, 608-266-9114