Transportation Planning Board

taking transit

Taking transit to work is a great choice for your commute. In 2012 Metro Transit was recognized as the best transit system of its size in North America by the American Public Transportation Association. Metro Transit operates service throughout the Madison area.  In addition several area communities have their own transit connections to Madison.  Taking transit has never been easier!

Benefits of Commuting by Transit

  • Convenient – Metro Transit offers over 2,000 bus stops and over 60 routes. Taking transit allows you to get from home to work or school or out to dinner while leaving the driving to someone else. When you take transit you can catch up on your reading, respond to emails or just sit back and relax instead of stressing behind the wheel. You can also combine biking with your transit trip as Metro Transit has bike racks on its buses.
  • Easy to Plan - Use Metro Transit’s online trip planner to find the right bus at the right time. If you're new to public transit, Metro Transit has a great video with tips on riding. Check out the Metro Transit apps that exist to make it even easier to take transit.
  • Budget-friendly – Metro Transit has a variety of fare options available and a number of Madison employers offer transit passes to their employers.  Find out more at the Metro Transit fare webpage.
  • Environmentally-friendly - Transit is one of the fastest and most effective ways of reducing your personal carbon footprint. Leaving your car at home can reduce pollution, ease congestion and continue making our local communities great places to live.

Local Transit and Shuttle Options